Thursday, 28 November 2013

Independent Female Young Escort, Domestic Women for Dating or Long Reletionship only in Delhi and Ncr Zone

We checked in to the posh and lavishly furnished south Delhi apartment for the in call service with Anavi. As usual she was shy being her first encounter as Delhi Escort. I offered her some chilled beer with fish. She was nervous so am I. We downed four cans of beers while discussing about useless things like polities, cricket, cinema and the caretaker was seamlessly proficient to supply with snacks. It was the time for privacy and intimacy. The caretaker shifted our beer mugs and snacks to the grand bedroom. It’s a king size bed with a table a sofa around. I made Tanvi sit just by the side of me and I hold her hands. She was still in shying mood. I felt I have to be little adventurous, I made her to stand before me and gave her a passionate hug. My hands started playing; I rubbed her belly, legs, hands and other body parts which are touchable in a friendly encounter. I could sense her hotness and palpitation is on high. I kissed and sucked her ears, started biting her neck to slowly lower down to kiss her breasts. I was doing it in a circular manner. Ear to neck, neck to the valley of the breasts – my tongue was irresistible. Anavi was breathing heavily and her hug was getting tighter. I can clearly hear her passionate scram, maybe she was getting wet between her legs. The complete story is published in
Rehana Chawala in delhi


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